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Such a great app - it's really helping me get time away from email to focus on projects and meetings fully, without anxiety and fear that I'll miss an important and time sensitive email, because people assumed I will see it as soon as it has arrived. The automated emails get triggered during blocked times in my calendar and inform people I am not on my email now. It's not difficult to set up and the easy integration with my calendar makes sooo much sense! I am way more focused, productive and relaxed now, not feeling like my calendar and email are ruling my life. I highly recommend this tool! It is super useful for entrepreneurs, for people who work flexible hours, and those who want to dedicate 'focused time blocks' for projects or else.
Leah Spasova
Psychologist, Sexpert, Educator, Serial Entrepreneur, Burnout Survivor, Former Workaholic
Finally, an elegant app to manage your OoO messages. The configuration and visibility in the calendar is a wonder, allowing you to easily set up recurrent or custom responses as your schedule evolves.
Tony Landais
VFX Supervisor/Owner

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