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If your question isn’t answered here, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at

No, Busy only works with Google Workspace at the moment. The app is delivered through the Google Workspace Marketplace and isn’t compatible with Gmail. If you’d like Busy to work with Gmail then please email

Currently we only support Google Workspace. If you’d like Microsoft 365 functionality please email

Yes! Custom branding is available with our Pro package. Simply sign up for our Pro package here or contact if you’re already a member.

Yes! Both our Plus and Pro packages support calendar based responses. This means that you can customise your responses depending on your individual calendar events, not just one default response. To unlock this feature please sign up either Plus or Pro here or email for more information. 

Yes, to install Busy for your company you will need admin rights. Once installed any one on that domain can then use Busy. Each user is charged to use Busy. You can find out more about pricing here.